Park Opens: 4:00pm
Bounce Houses: 4pm to 8pm
Tapping of the Keg: 5:10pm
Beatrice & Derrol: 6:45pm
Stein Hoisting Competitions: 7:00pm
DJ Allyn: 7:45pm
The Czechers: 8:15pm
Stein Hoisting Competitions: 9:15pm
Beatrice & Derrol: 9:15pm
The Czechers: 10pm
Festival Closes: 11pm


Park Opens: 11am
Face Painting: 11am
Bounce Houses 11am to 8pm
Tug of War: 12:00pm
The Czechers: 12:45pm
Beatrice and Derrol: 1:30pm
Stein Hoisting: 1:30pm
The Czechers: 2:45pm
Alp Horn Blowing Contests: 3:45pm
Beatrice & Derrol: 3:45pm
DJ Allyn: 4:30pm
The Czechers: 5:15pm
Tug of War: 6:15pm
Will Thompson Band: 7:00pm
Stein Hoisting: 8:15pm
Will Thompson Band: 8:45pm
Festival Closes at 11pm


Park Opens: 11:00am
Face Painting: 11:00am
Bounce Houses: 11:00am to 4:00pm
Stein Hoisting Competition: 12:00pm
Beatrice & Derrol: 12:00pm
DJ Allyl: 1:15pm
Sons of Saints: 2:00pm
Beatrice and Derrol: 3:00pm
Tug of War: 3:00pm
Sons of Saints: 3:45pm
Stein Hoisting Competition: 4:45pm
Park Closes: 5:00pm

Daily Activities


*Full event schedule is subject to change. We will be adding more event additions and times over the next few weeks.